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Unique Facts About Funerals

Published: January 9, 2023
by Baldwin Cremation and Mortuary Service

Funeral and cremation services in Knoxville, TN, are essential to the process after an individual passes away. They offer an opportunity to look at the feelings around the loss and speak about the grief with family and friends. The occasion also provides an opportunity to remember the loved one, and while funerals can be complex, they are an essential part of the process. Funerals have a rich and interesting history, so let's look at some unique facts about them.

Wearing Black Started in Roman Times

It's not uncommon now for individuals to wear black, and it's almost expected at funerals and memorials. But the tradition is believed to have started back in the Roman era when individuals would wear a dark-colored toga after an individual passed away. Eventually, it persisted into British history and became a regularly adapted action.

Candles and Flowers Weren't Always for Pleasantries

The use of flowers and candles has a deep symbolism for many individuals. However, because there weren't as many technological advancements hundreds of years ago for storage methods, it's been said that the flowers and candles were in place to mask unpleasant odors.

The Word Funeral Didn't Start Being Used Until the 1300s

It is believed that the word funeral wasn't first used until the man deemed the father of the English language Geoffrey Chaucer used it to describe the process. The first publishing with the word listed was in 1386, making it the first written use of the word funeral.

Cremation Wasn't Always as Popular as Burial

Each culture and civilization have its ways of laying an individual to rest after they pass away. Evidence suggests cremation fluctuated in popularity, and for a set time, burials were more common due to the advancement of Christianity. However, as of today, burial and cremation are both viable and popular options.

There are Professional Mourners

Memorials have been around since individuals started having ceremonies, so it wasn't uncommon for Romans to use processions to honor the deceased. In some cases, there would be elaborate events, and they would hire professional mourners to ensure that the services were as loud and large as possible to help show grief and the importance of the deceased.

In Some Cases, Rosemary was the Flower Choice

It's not uncommon for flowers to be at the services, and in some cases, rosemary would be used as a replacement for traditional bouquets. This is because its symbolism includes remembrance and loyalty; for others, it can be associated with eternal life and friendship.

When You Need Expert Services, we are Here for You

The history of funerals not only contains unique but interesting facts, and it's clear that some of the rituals and rights have changed through the years. Finding ways to honor the deceased has been the main priority for individuals, and if you're looking for professional cremation services in Knoxville, TN, we have you covered. We have been providing exceptional services since 1994, and we understand would it takes to honor loved ones after they have passed away. Our team would love to help you through the process from start to finish, so call us today for more information.

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