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Cremation is a Great Choice, and Here's Why

Published: October 24, 2022
by Baldwin Cremation and Mortuary Service

After a loved one passes away, the friends or family members must decide how the individual will be laid to rest. This could consist of traditional burial or cremation services in Hermitage, TN, and because cremation has become such a popular option, we have created this article on all the reasons why it's a great choice.

More Affordable

One of the main reasons that cremation is chosen over traditional burial is because it is a more affordable option. Burials will require multiple additional details, including purchasing the casket, plot, vault liner, and headstone. Whereas, with cremation, you only need an urn if you plan to keep the remains.

Flexible Options

When you are planning a traditional memorial service, it needs to happen quickly because the body will begin to break down. In addition, the individual will also need to be embalmed to keep the body in a viewable state for a longer period. This is another area where cremation is a preferred choice because there is no sense of needing to get it completed right away unless you are planning on having a viewing.

More Environmentally Friendly

Cremation also offers a more environmentally friendly option because it doesn't require the individual to be placed in a coffin or casket and put into the ground. There's also an alternative called alkaline hydrolysis to the traditional incineration process that's even more eco-friendly.

Less Maintenance

Unless you are planning on storing your loved one's remains at a columbarium, having a cremation is also less maintenance in the long term. When you choose traditional burial, you will have a cemetery plot that will need maintenance and kept up over time, instead of having your loved one's ashes in an urn at home.

Easier for Family Who Live Far Away

Cremation also makes it easier for family members that don't live nearby. In most cases, they may not be able to attend the funeral, especially if there is shorter notice. But with cremation, it will give you enough time to plan the memorial services and make it easier for anyone who wants to be there.

More Efficiency

The cremation process is also more efficient than a traditional burial because far fewer actions need to be taken. One of the most complex parts of planning a funeral service is trying to arrange all of the details. Cremation helps remove this because it is straightforward and allows more time to start navigating the emotions and set up future memorial services later.

We are a Locally Owned Provider Offering Exceptional Care

As you can see, these are just a few of the reasons why people choose cremation services in Hermitage, TN. There may also be religious views or cultural traditions that also require cremation to lay the individual to rest honorably, and if you need professional services, we are here for you. We have an expert staff that will help you through the process from start to finish, so you understand what your options are in creating a truly memorable event, so contact us today.

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