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How To Customize A Cremation Urn For A Loved One

Published: September 26, 2022
by Baldwin Cremation and Mortuary Service

cremation services in Oak Ridge, TN

After the cremation services in Oak Ridge, TN, some people may choose to bury or scatter the ashes, but others may want to keep the remains at home in an urn. Creating a customized container can help contribute to healing and offer some comfort after the loss, so here are some popular ideas and customization options to utilize.

Pick a Design

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The design of the urn can help create a deeply personal vessel, and there are thousands of different options to choose from. It might feel overwhelming to pick a design, so one way to help alleviate some of this is to consider who your individual is. Looking at any hobbies or passions they had in their life, such as cooking or riding motorcycles, can help narrow down the choices and make the process easier.

Choose to Incorporate Color

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Color can inspire and bring comfort to some people, and if your loved one had a favorite color or there's one that reminds you of them, you might consider adding that to the design of the urn. This will also help narrow down your material options as well. Choosing to have the company add color to it or picking up material that you can paint yourself are both viable options to use.

Material Choices

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There are multiple different material choices you can pick from. So, understanding if you're going to have specific kinds of personalization or color can help reduce the number of options. If the material is the personalization part of the creation of the urn, you might consider the type of person the individual was. If they were more contemporary and streamlined, you might choose granite or bronze, or if there were someone that believed in sustainability and being eco-friendly, you might pick a cloth or clay urn.

Add an Inscription or Image

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Another way to create a truly customized piece is to add personalization through inscriptions and images. Some examples of inscriptions could include:

  • Words of comfort 
  •  Favorite poems or lyrics of the deceased 
  •  Inspirational quotes 
  •  Using humor or jokes if they had a sense of humor 
  •  Creating your phrase about them

Personalization is becoming a more popular option, and individuals are doing this by adding images or photos to the urn. This could be anything ranging from a favorite photo you have of them to choosing an item that reminds you of their life, such as mountain terrains, the ocean, animals, flowers, or any other reminder that feels authentic. Preplanning can be an essential process, and it offers multiple benefits, including allowing the individual to create a truly authentic event.

Trusted Services with Exceptional Results

cremation services in Oak Ridge, TN

Creating a personalized urn can help offer a sense of healing and a gentle reminder during the grief process of an individual's loving connection with the person. The details in the urn and the cremation services in Oak Ridge, TN, can help make a difference for anyone going through the experience of the loss, and we would love to help you create a memorable event. We have been serving our community for over 24 years with exceptional care so contact us today.

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