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Cemeteries Have a Rich History, so Here are Some Interesting Facts About them

Published: September 19, 2022
by Baldwin Cremation and Mortuary Service

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Cemeteries are an integral part of the burial process, and they may be appropriate after cremation services in Hermitage, TN, for some people. Having more knowledge is always helpful, so we created this article highlighting some unique facts about cemetery history.

The Inscriptions Have Changed

When headstones started being used for graves, it wasn't uncommon in colonial America for them to display how the individual died or issue warnings. As more knowledge increased around death and attitudes changed around it, the inscriptions changed to what they are today, words of grief and loss.

Symbolism Was Normal

Symbolism was a large part of our society in early America, and it wasn't uncommon to find images engraved into the headstones. One example could be an hourglass indicating what time the individual passed away. There could also be hands in the shape of prayer. Some have animal carvings that could represent a family pet or a symbol of specific beliefs or Interests.

Cemeteries are For More than Burial

When you think of a cemetery, you might not consider it could be used for other purposes, but this is not the case. Some cemeteries in America have museums built on them, and these are used to help educate the public on the property's history. Some cemeteries are used for events like live music or movie showings.

Obelisks Were Popular

Around the 1840s, obelisk-shaped monuments started showing up in cemeteries. This was due to a revived interest in the Egyptian culture, and the obelisks were thought to be patriotic due to their shape and size. They could also be designed in much smaller options making them ideal for almost any cemetery, and they were more affordable than traditional monuments, making them a popular choice.

Some Graves Faced East

It wasn't uncommon for early American settlers to have their graves pointed in an east direction due to their belief system. They had a belief that they would be reborn, so they would have their feet facing eastward so they could rise with the sun of a new day. As cemeteries started moving into more rural areas in the 1830s, this changed because the terrain became more challenging, making it more difficult for an eastward placement.

Some Cemeteries Have Rules

The last interesting fact in this list is that cemeteries are not much different than standard parks because they will typically have rules that need to be followed. A few of these could include:

  • Following any posted speed limit signs 
  •  Not leaving any litter behind 
  •  Keeping pets on a leash 
  •  Not disturbing the grave sites 
  •  Following any posted opening and closing hours

Your Trusted and Local Experts  

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As you can see, cemeteries have an interesting history, and they can offer insight into past experiences. Understanding the history of the chosen cemetery for your loved one is just as essential as the cremation services in Hermitage, TN, and if you need help planning the event, we are here for you. We are an independently owned company and have been providing services for over 24 years built on integrity and compassion, so contact us today if you have any questions.

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