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Popular Location Ideas for Scattering Ceremonies

Published: July 11, 2022
by Baldwin Cremation and Mortuary Service

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Loss can be a challenging experience to go through, and once the cremation services in Oak Ridge, TN, you may have decided to scatter your loved one's ashes instead of keeping them. Many people find closure and relief in this process by letting them go, and finding a unique location is an essential part of the ceremony. This article will discuss locations and ideas to make the experience meaningful, so continue reading for more information.

Ceremony Suggestions

The ceremony can make the event truly meaningful, and a scattering event can be a way to offer some freedom and how the service is designed. You want to choose details that reflect the personality of your loved one, and just a few ideas to consider are:

• Having a fireworks display

• Using paper lanterns as they are being scattered

• Raking them into the earth

• Releasing doves or butterflies

• Casting them into the wind

These events can also be enhanced by including things like music, reading a eulogy, or even having individuals in attendance shared a few words about the person or stories.

Location Ideas 

Choosing a Meaningful Spot 

Many events can occur in a person's life that would be considered meaningful. If there's a specific location where any event occurred like an engagement, a college campus that they spent a lot of time at, or even a celebration, these can all be considered appropriate and thoughtful options. 

Vacation Destinations

Vacations are a common occurrence for individuals any of your loved ones had a specific spot that they enjoyed visiting, this can be another great option. It can be even more meaningful if you or others spend time with them and create happy memories.

A Private Property

Individuals commonly have homes or property that they spent a lot of time at or on. If there's a meaningful location like a family home or retirement residents, these can feel like an appropriate choice as a place to lay them to rest.

On the Water

Water locations can also offer another opportunity to honor the individual's life. If they spent a lot of time either through hobbies or working on the water, it may be the right choice as an option to scatter their ashes.

In Nature

The natural world can be an essential part of people's experiences. So if your loved one had a hiking trail, park, or even a garden that they cared for or nurtured, you might consider this as a location to choose for the ceremony.

Caring and Professional Services

The details and location that you choose will help make a difference in the overall experience for everyone involved. If you need some extra guidance, it's recommended to reach out to friends or family members to see if they have any ideas or suggestions.

If you need help planning the cremation services in Oak Ridge, TN, you can count on the local professionals. We are locally owned and offer exceptional services our clients can count on by creating thoughtful and memorable services. So, if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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